Bo at ZJU, June 2013

My name is Bo (博). “博” means erudite and doctor in Chinese. I think my grandpa, who gave me this name, wanted me to get a PhD degree, though I didn’t  : )

I am currently a Software Engineer at Google. Before that, I received my Master degree of Computer Science at Yale and my bachelor degree at Zhejiang University (ZJU).

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I was studying in the University of Hong Kong for a year as an exchange student. Click here to see my stories in Hong Kong.

(Taken by Yifan Xue, this photo has been my favorite profile photo for quite a while. This is another profile photo I love.)

My mom held me when I was about 5 years old.

My mom and I

I was born in a small town in the northeast of China. My father is a computer fan. He influenced me on my interests in electronics. He bought a 386 computer that I could play. Gradually, I learned how to type characters and read newspapers online, though there were only a little Chinese content available on the Internet at that time. 

My mother has her wisdom. She used affirmative influences styles to guide me find my interests. She also gave me much freedom to choose the work and life I want. 

I am lucky.

I found coding fascinating when I opened a VBS file on my computer in 2008. The file was a prankster. It shut down my computer because I refused to enter ‘I am a pig‘. I’m intrigued. I began to taught myself VBS. By modifying and sending the files to my friends, I became the center of discussions. They opened a VBS file and their computers were shut down if they refused to enter ‘I love song bo‘.

I ranked the 133th in the university entrance exam among one hundred and sixty thousand examinees in Jilin Province in 2011. My ranking didn’t let me enter the Peking University or Tsinghua University, let alone the University of Hong Kong, which is one of the top universities in Asia. The year 2011 has witnessed the bloom of real estate in China. Providing lucrative jobs after graduation, Architecture had became the hot spot when I was struggling which major and university I shall choose. I didn’t know which discipline I like and to which field I can devote for my whole life. However I believe I should pursue what I love, rather than sacrifice my interests for the sake of earning more.

In fact, life is always a balance between idealism and the reality.

Fascinated by the charming scenery of Hangzhou and the good reputation of Zhejiang University, I entered ZJU in the Fall of 2011. Students in ZJU do not need to bother with choosing their majors in the first year. Therefore, I have more time to take courses offered by various departments and choose the major I love.

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