mCertiKOS kernel

Term Project, Sep. – Dec. 2015, Yale University

It is a micro OS kernel that could run on bare hardware or QEMU simulator. 

The kernel is implemented layer by layer with a very clear hierarchy and pellucid coding style. Following features are implemented:  process management, memory management, concurrency, filesystem, interprocess communication and shell(application level).

Language: C        Collaborated with: Haoliang Zhang

Movie Recommending System

Machine Learning Project, Sep. – Dec. 2015, Yale University

A movie recommender system using collaborative filtering algorithm. Recommend movies to users based on their preference and movie features extracted from a large movie rating dataset(MovieLens).

Language: Matlab/Octave, PHP, JavaScript/HTML/CSS        Collaborated with: Xinyu Weng, Fan Yang

Smartphone Controlled Quadcopter

Final Year Project, Dec. 2014 – June 2015, Zhejiang University

Quadcopter is a kind of UAV lifted by its four spinning propellers. Currently, quadcopter is mostly controlled by 2.4GHz PPM based remote controller. Distinguished from traditional quadcopters, this project designed a WiFi remote control system for quadrotor. Specifically, it contains an APP running on Android smartphone serving as the ground station, an onboard router forwarding TCP packages to serial port and a traditional quadcopter connected to router.

Some cool features: Gesture control, heading synchronization, aerial video. 

Language/Platform: Arduino, OpenWRT, TP-LINK WR703N, Multiwii, Java, C        Directed by: Prof. Jiajun Bu

Lao Wan Tong (老玩铜)

Intern Project, Mar. – May 2015, Netease Inc.

This is an antique auction App which integrates chatting, bidding and paying services. It was shipped to Apple Store and Android market and is updated actively.

Bo Song was responsible for server-end development, including database design, RESTful API design, server deployment and part of server logic implement. 

Language/Platform: Java Spring MVC        Collaborated with: Netease Director Office Team, Hangzhou

More Projects

Attack on Geeks

Term Project, Dec. 2014, University of Hong Kong

A tower defense game for PC/Android.  

Language: C#, Java        Collaborated with: Yue Wang, Fan Xie, Yueren Wang

ZJUWLAN Auto Login Script

Spare Time Interest, July 2014

An auto login script written for the wireless network in Zhejiang University.

Language: Python