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  1. 写下你的原则。Write down your principles.
  2. 从信息的源头处获取信息。Get information from the original source.

详细介绍 Details

1.写下你的原则 Write down your principles

这条原则是Ray Dalio提出的。写下原则,而不是想出,说出。写下的意义在于无法更改,在于契约属性,在于你认真、严肃地对待你的原则。

This principle was purposed by Ray Dalio. The principles that you write down, rather than speck out or think out, are immutable. It’s a contract between you and the world. It means you treat your principles seriously.

2. 从信息的源头获取信息 Get information from the original source


Get information from the original source. Any transcription, summary, reports, translation could introduce semantic shifts. And the information could be manipulated by the middle man, intentionally or not. The info you get is much more accurate, though it costs much more time as well, if is got from the original source. To be concrete,

  1. 读英文原版书,而不是翻译版。此点对重要的文章尤其适用,比如共产党宣言(德语)、巴菲特的信、教科书、竖版正体字文言书等。
  2. 看原始数据,而不是看媒体报道,或是听个别例子。原始数据可以是公司财报,国家统计局数据,邮件原文等。
  1. Read original edition books, rather than translated ones. This point is more important for articles that could impact your whole life, such as
    The Communist Manifesto, buffett’s letters, text books, vertical version of traditional Chinese ancient books.
  2. Read raw data, rather than media reports, or sampled examples. The raw data could be financial reports, stats from census bureaus, email threads, etc.

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