Ngrx 笔记


3 principles in Redux

  1. single source of truth
    1. One state tree inside store
    2. predictability, maintainability
    3. universal apps (SSR)
    4. testing and debugging
  2. State is read-only
    1. Derive properties from state
    2. Dispatch actions to change the state
    3. Immutable update patterns
      1. return a new array, rather than change the current one
  3. pure functions update state
    1. pure functions are reducers
    2. reducers respond to action types
    3. reducers return new state

Core concepts

single state tree

  • plain javascript object
  • composed by reducers


  • two properties
    • type: string, describes event
    • payload: optional data
  • dispatch actions to reducers


  • pure functions
  • Given dispatched action
    • Responds to action.type
    • access to action.payload
    • composes new state
    • return new state


  • state container
  • components interact with the store
    • subscribe to slices of state
    • dispatch actions to the store
  • store invokes reducers with previous state and action
  • reducers compose new state
  • store is updated, notifies subscribers

one-way dataflow

component -> action -> reducer -> store -> selector ->component

Understanding Immutability

  • predictability
  • explicit state changes
  • performance (change detection)
  • mutation tracking
  • undo state changes

Mutability in JavaScript

Function, array, object

Immutability in JavaScript

Number, String

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