You need to think for yourself about what is true

Truth is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes

Dream+Reality+Determination = a good life.

Pain+Reflection = Progress

Episode 3 Five step process

Step 1. Goal – what you want to achieve in your life

Step 2. Problem –

Step 3. Diagnose – find out the root cause of the problem, distinguish symptom from the disease.

Step 4. Design – design a plan to eliminate the problem

Step 5. Do it.

Episode 4. The Abyss

There will be big mistake, big abyss in your life, but there will always be a path going forward.

Episode 5. Everything is a machine

Every event is happening again and again in a slightly different way. Some events happen frequently, multiple times in one’s life. Some events happen only once in one’s life, but has happened multiple times in the history.

Episode. 6 The two biggest barriers

  1. Our ego
  2. blind spot barriers

These barriers exist because of how our brain works.

Ego barrier is the parts of your brain prevents you from acknowledging your weakness objectively. Your deepest seated needs and fears reside in areas of your brain that control your emotions and is not accessible to your higher-level conscious awareness.

Because our need to be right is more important than the need to find out what is true. We like to believe our own opinions without properly stress testing them. We especially don’t like to look at our mistakes and weaknesses. We are instinctively prone to react to explorations of them as though they are attacks.

Blind spot barriers

Everyone has blind spot. Blind spot barrier is when a person believes he or she can see everything.

No one, could could solely see the whole reality of the world.

Episode 7. Be radically open-minded

Replace the joy of being proven right, with the joy of learning what is true.

I talk to the most thoughtful people I could find who disagree with me. I want to see things through his eyes, and he could see things through my eye, to discover what is true. Seek for thoughtful disagreement.

Episode 8. Struggle well

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