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Following are some highlights of my takeaways that still resonates in my mind after a couple of weeks:
1. What got you here won’t get you there
What got you being hired by Google won’t get you promoted. What got you promoted to your current level won’t get you promoted to the next level. It is similar to the growth mindset theory. 
2. Storytelling is the way to build trust, backed by neuroscience research
We are a data driven company and we love to present numbers in the presentation to support our ideas. It is great. However, neuroscience has proven that it’s storytelling, rather than data, stimulates the human body to produce oxytocin, the chemical related to social bonding and trust.  
Harari has the similar idea In Sapien: it’s gossip that helps human in ancient tribe to find out who is trustworthy while who is not. Therefore humans could collaborate in a group larger than 50. 
Try to tell a story besides the numbers in your next presentation 🙂
3. The foundation of a long term relationship is mutual value exchange
How to build a long term relationship with senior or junior engineers at Google? It is obvious that seniors could provide much more value to juniors than the other way around, in terms of opportunities, career advice, tech mentors, etc. 
As a junior, what value can we provide to seniors? 
One option is to provide a different point of view, perspective to senior engineers, who is more detached from your daily work. (for seniors in this thread, no means to offend 🙂 )  

Jiang Jia

100 days of rejection. You need to take action beyond reading and watching videos. 

Dave Chen

Story telling  – supported by neuroscience research project, more easily to be understand and supported

Growth mindset

Kim – check it again

What got you here won’t get you there.

Yanbing Li

桃李不言,下自成蹊。 My work speaks for me.

Ambitious goals: leaving impact around me. 

(you won’t die if your impact is still in the world)

 Yong Su Kim

What got you here won’t get you there.

How to get into a football team? Primary school – you have a ball, middle school – you are tall, high school – political, the friend you like. The criteria keeps changing. 

Networking vs relationship

Mutual value exchange. Think of the mentor program, junior eng could provide a different point of view, perspective to the senior eng. 

Relationship is what you invest, and it will pay off in the future.

Backfire ?

Backlog ?

Don’t let the Stereotypes defines you, be yourself. 

There are two or more dimensions of stereotype: coldness and competence.  

Asian is stereotyped as colder and competence. 

Diversity google/annual-report

virbal influence/communication. 

Practical tips about career


Presentation is important for Eng. Preparation and practice ahead is the key. 

How to demonstrate leadership as an IC?

Proactively identifying problems and offer help to your leader. 

Meaningfulness of your work can overcome your day to day stress in work. 

Pick up new problems to address, the new problem would push you out of the comfort zone. 

Do I love my work? Do I afraid of Mondays? 

How to motivate yourself in everyday life?

Do the things you like, like 

Jim LEE 


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