Daily Archives: July 13, 2020


How to find your identity? 这篇文章讲得挺好,http://bosong.link/identity 。 总结起来有几点:认真思考真正使你快乐的事情是什么?这个事情是即使你独处,并且不跟任何人说,做他也会让你感到快乐的事情。 它不是别人希望你做的事情,而是你发自内心的,希望做的事儿;找到你发自内心的想见的,与之相处的人。 GC: Start to notice what things genuinely make you feel good. And try to identify what things you feel you are doing just to “check the box”. What people are you genuinely drawn to and what people do you see because you “should”? […]