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Natural Language Processing, course 2, Probabilistic models probability sequence models, markov chain Week 1 – auto correction The goal of this week is to build an auto-correction system. It is context free. It uses the edit distance and word probability. identify misspelled word not in a dictionary. (advanced) take the context (surrounding word) into account. find […]

iPad Pro 开箱测评

等了一个月,iPad pro终于到了。 买来是想充当自己的电脑,于是买了512g的配置。现在看来,至少是不能coding,因为没有vs code。 打字起来,触控屏幕还是不舒服,可能得入一个键盘,如果之后想经常用ipad写东西的话。 garageband很强大,UI特别赞,适合新手入门。多音轨录制,直接接声卡,不要太赞。