xfinity drop off devices randomly – solved


Since this afternoon, xfinity drops my lenovo yoga 2 laptop Wifi connection frequently. My laptop keeps reconnecting to the xfinity every 10 seconds.


First I suspected there are some problems with my laptop internet card driver, since my other device, smartphone and ipad, all works fine.

I followed the steps in this Lenovo support forum, but it doesn’t work.

And I also tried to update the drive for my internet card Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 via Driver Easy Free Edition. It still doesn’t work.

Then I recalled once a while, my phone switched to connect to xfinity open wifi when it’s in my home. It might be some problem with my xifinity gateway.


First, follow the steps in this post to see if it can fix your problem.

If not, (it didn’t work for me), open the admin page of your gateway at . Default username and password is admin, password. And enter gateway->connection->wifi , then use different names for 5G channel and 2.4G channel.

Using the same name for both 2.4G and 5G channels might make your device to keep dropping from the wifi.


Feel free to leave a comment if it works for you!


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